What should a 2 year old be able to do academically?

Language Development

 Use simple words and phrases to communicate needs and desires.

Basic Counting

Begin to understand the concept of numbers through counting objects up to 2 or 3.

Shape and Color Recognition

Identify and name basic shapes and colors with assistance.

Fine Motor Skills

Practice holding and using crayons or markers to make marks on paper.

Listening Skills

Pay attention to short stories and songs, responding to familiar cues.

Social Interaction

Engage in parallel play alongside peers, sharing toys and taking turns.


Curiously explore the environment, experimenting with cause and effect relationships.

Emotional Regulation

Begin to express emotions verbally and learn simple coping mechanisms with guidance from caring educators at KidzVille Learning Center, ensuring a supportive environment for holistic development.

Connect with resources like KidzVille Learning Center for guidance on child development and behavior management strategies.

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