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Kidzville’s reading program is customized to support school age children (Kindergarten - Grade 3) to build on their reading, writing, comprehension and spelling skills.

The program is based on phonetic approach to learning the alphabets and transitioning into reading with ease.

Kidzville’s reading Program is divided into two modules:

-Jumpstart to Phonics

-Ready to Read-Levels 1 & 2


Jumpstart to Phonics

This is an introductory class to phonetic sounds, letter formation, printing and decoding three letter words, rhyming words and introduces the vowels with building 3 letter words, focuses on beginning, middle and ending sounds of words. The instruction is complemented with stories, songs, games and workbooks. Sensory materials like sandpaper letters are used to teach letter formation.


Ready to Read 1&2

This level builds onto the jumpstart level, introducing children to sight words, comprehension and consonant/vowel combination.

This level focuses on:

  • consonant blends-examples; bl, fl, cl, cr, br, gr, sn, st

  • digraphs including; ch, th, sh, wh

  • long vowel sound using silent 'e' and diphthongs; this includes combinations like ea, oa, ie

  • vowels sounds combined with the letter “r”; examples- ar, ur, or

  • More complex digraphs ending in the letter 'h' ph, gh

  • soft sounds of letters “c” & “g”-example Cinderella, Giraffe

  • Vowels sounds combined with “w”-example aw, ew, ow

  • silent letters example-“know”

  • double consonants 




 South Surrey Location-3346 164A street, Surrey

Jumpstart Program-

Day: Tuesday    4:15pm-5:30pm Fee: $85/monthly Registration $20/year


Ready to Read level 1&2-3346 164A street, Surrey

Days: Mondays & Fridays 4:15-5:30pm Fee: $135/month Registration $50/year










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