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  • 7 Tips For Helping Children Adjust To A New Daycare


    Post Date : December 7, 2022

    Any parent who has a child attending preschool should consider it a major accomplishment because it marks the beginning of their child’s academic and social development. Making the transition to preschool, however, may be difficult for both parents and children.

    Parents do not take the choice to enroll their infants in childcare lightly. It’s a significant change for both kids and parents. One of your child’s earliest opportunities to engage in a formal schedule outside the house is daycare.

    While it might be difficult for parents to let go, remember that enrolling in and adapting to childcare helps children strengthen their abilities in preparation for school.

    If it’s the first daycare or a new daycare for your child then don’t worry! We at creative kids daycare in Surrey got you covered with tips to help your child in adjusting to daycare.

    7 Tips to help toddlers adjust in a new daycare:

    Be confident and at ease – 

    Understanding how to assist a child in adjusting to daycare begins with you. Children can detect your emotions. They can tell when you’re nervous or uncomfortable. If you are unsure about your choice, your child may be less enthusiastic about preschool. When discussing the shift to child care, be calm and assured. You can do it!

    If you didn’t think about what’s best for your child, you wouldn’t be a good parent. It’s normal to discuss your worries with friends and relatives. Remember that creative kids’ daycare in Surrey exposes your child to a wonderful world.

    Ask the carers a few questions – 

    Teachers have seen everything. If you are concerned about your child’s adjustment to preschool, speak with his or her teacher. Inform a teacher or caregiver if your kid experiences separation anxiety or is hesitant to attempt new activities. A teacher could offer to set aside a particular activity or item. There may be a drop-off routine at childcare facilities that helps your youngster feel less anxious.

    To help parents move past their tears, teachers might have a “script.” A teacher may propose, for example, recognizing the child’s emotions, saying “I love you,” transferring your child to a teacher or assistant, saying goodbye, and leaving.

    A visitation schedule – 

    It might be calming to introduce your youngster to a new place without other kids. Make time for you and your kid to visit classrooms and the playground. It’s your chance to inform your youngster what to anticipate. Knowing what to expect helps your child feel less anxious about the future.

    Create a routine to soothe your youngster –

    Routine is essential for children. Your youngster will feel more in control if he or she knows what to expect. Find a morning schedule that works for you and your child, and stick to it. Perhaps you share breakfast or bring sandwiches. Maybe you and your child have a checklist to ensure that everything is in that bag before you leave the house.

    Organize your time –

    Picking up your kid from daycare and running to the supermarket or other errands is alluring. Whether your child enjoys or despises childcare, it demands mental and emotional work, especially at first. Instead of rushing to “get things done,” let your child unwind and process all that occurred while at childcare. Going to Montessori Daycare in Surrey is the same as going to work for your toddler. Some downtime is required.

    Create goodbyes in a fun way – 

    Yes, you can make saying goodbye enjoyable. Creating particular goodbye rituals before the first day of preschool can help to alleviate some of the tension associated with that final goodbye. You can try one or more ideas as well –

    • Create a distinctive handshake or wave.
    • Hugs, kisses, high fives, and goodbyes!
    • Love notes in the lunchbox assure children that their parents love them and will return soon.

    Lunchtime surprise for your child –

    Giving your child something fun trick or treat to look forward to every day will help them adjust to daycare and remind them that you are thinking about them while they are away. One suggestion is to offer children something to look forward to every day at lunchtime in order to surprise them.

    Whether it’s a silly sticky note drawing, a favorite treat, or a lunchtime activity, children will be motivated to stay until lunch to see what all the fuss is about. When you make this a regular occurrence, toddlers in Montessori Daycare in Surrey will get enthusiastic, anticipating their lunchtime surprise.

    toddler daycare in Surrey

     Things to avoid the separation anxiety:

    • Avoid worrying out in front of your child; children pick up on their emotions. So try not to show your child that your preschool separation anxiety is affecting you.
    • Keep it calm and sad, instead of that smile, and mention how much fun they’re going to have while also reminding them of what to expect that day.
    • Don’t be late; allow them a moment to insensitively raise your child. Because it might give youngsters the false sense that they can stay endlessly or that they are afraid of leaving.
    • Don’t be late to pick up your child since doing so will just make them more anxious and make dropping them off at preschool the following day more difficult.


    You don’t have to go all-in when it comes to enrolling your toddlers in childcare. A slow start might help children acclimatize to a new environment and schedule at daycare. You can start with half-days, full-days, or alternate days before moving on to full-time childcare.

    Finding a childcare center that can accommodate your schedule and your child’s needs is crucial. Discuss with the daycare staff and caregivers how they may accommodate a slow start for your daycare children who are still adapting to daycare.

    The Kidzville learning toddler daycare in Surrey assists youngsters to prepare for preschool by concentrating on the developmental milestones that are required. Learn more about why The Kidzville Learning Center is the best option for daycare.


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